How We Do It

Building working relationships in our 25-year history has been a key factor in winning trust with government agencies, contractors, suppliers, local municipalities, businesses and community residents. Our quality of work also uses established successful methods to bring about a winning partnership for all those involved. Here’s how we do it:

  • Project Knowledge – ACS staff communicates all public information about construction drawings, work schedules and any site-related issues to the public. We do this through web newsletters, printed mail pieces and other informational materials for the communities and impacted stakeholders. This helps keep the project moving forward and minimizes any construction downtime.
  • Community Connections – Our team has built strong relationships in all our project communities. This helps ACS Conaid to deliver information quickly and efficiently to city officials, contractors, residents and businesses.
  • 24-Hour Information Hotline – In any local project, residents and businesses can reach us when it’s convenient for them. We have knowledgeable ACS staff ready to answer questions and offer solutions for all of our projects. We respond to all calls quickly and efficiently